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We want to make a child's transition to nursery as stress free as possible, which is why we provide settling-in sessions to help your child adjust to the new surroundings and unfamiliar noises and to meet the other children and our Nursery Practitioners. Immediately upon enrolment your child will be assigned a Key Person who will be responsible for your child's induction and will liaise with you about his/her settling-in. Your key person will be your point of contact and will give you updates about your child's development.


Children will react very differently to the same situation and we will work with you to ensure the settling in is as stress free as possible for both you and your child.  The four, free hours that we provide for settling-in is usually sufficient and you can choose to take these hours how you please in order to meet both yours and your child’s needs, however, we usually recommend that you join us for 2 hours together with your child.  If you would like to stay with your child for the first few sessions we would welcome this. In these circumstances we usually find that after a few visits your child will be ready to be left.


The transition to nursery can however be made a little easier by:


  • Bringing something to nursery which is familiar to your child, either a book, toy or their favourite blanket.


  • Being honest with your child, if they are a little older, always telling them when you are leaving and that you will return later. When you say you are leaving try not to delay.


  • Talking positively to your child about nursery and staff.


We will work with you to ensure your child feels happy, confident and secure during their time at nursery. You are encouraged to ring as many times as you wish during the settling in period. This is much preferred to you worrying about how your child might be settling at nursery during their first few days.


Should you like to speak to an existing parent, then please contact the Nursery Manager.  She will be more than happy to put you directly in touch with various parents, so they can give you really positive account of their experience with us.

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