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We have a robust set of policies and procedures that have been compiled and designed for the safeguarding and welfare of the children in our care.  The polices and procedures cover areas such as:


      *  Children's rights and entitlements

      *  Safeguarding children

      *  Maintaining children's safety and security on the premises.

      *  Supervision of children on outings and visits.

      *  Risk assessment

      *  Fire safety and emergency evacuation

      *  Looked after children

      *  Allegations against staff

      *  Collection of children policy

      *  Missing children

      *  Use of mobile phones and cameras

      *  Seat belt policy

      *  Drugs, alcohol and staff medication policy, no smoking

      *  Social networking policy

      *  Whistle blowing policy

      *  Employment, student placements, staff induction

      *  Managing children who are sick, infectious, or with allergies

      *  Animals in the setting

      *  Reporting of accidents and incidents

      *  Nappy changing

      *  Food and drink, food hygiene, health and safety.

      *  Achieving positive behaviour, bullying, rough & tumble play and fantasy aggression.

      *  Supporting children with special educational needs

      *  Children's records, transfer of records to school, confidentiality.

      *  Visitor's policy


Nursery policies and procedures are available upon request, though we display a policy of the week in reception on the white board so please feel free to have a read.

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