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Mealtimes at Mini Explorers are a happy, social time. We promote the awareness of sharing, turn-taking and good social conduct by encouraging the children to say “please” and “thank you” to each other as well as adults. Our staff sit with the children at mealtimes which serves to provide positive role models and enables staff to help teach the children to use a knife and fork for eating. Personal hygiene is maintained by hand washing before and after meals. The children develop Independence, and choice-making skills by pouring their own drinks and choosing fillings when preparing their own tea-time sandwiches.


Younger children are taught to self-feed and use open top cups which boosts confidence and self-esteem.


Our in-house cook, Tina, prepares a variety of homemade, healthy, balanced meals with special attention paid to those with food allergies and intolerances.


We also have Carolyn who is our PANCo (Physical & Nutrition Coordinator) who supports us with our menus and offers advice to parents and staff about healthy lifestyles.  She also ensures we are providing the right amount of physical activity and nutrition for the children in our care.


We have previously completed 2 years in Central Bedfordshire’s Healthy Under 5’s award.


Healthy eating, nutrition and oral health is really important for us at Mini Explorers and we pride ourselves on the hard work that both the children and staff have done to achieve this award. It is important for us to ensure we are always teaching the children about the importance of keeping themselves healthy.


Our 3 week rolling summer and winter menu’s, including our snack menus have been analysed by a nutritionist as part of the award, so every meal ensures that children receive a good balanced healthy meal whether they are with us for breakfast, lunch, or tea or attending a full day session which includes all three.


Drinking water is available at all times throughout the day. Milk is available for all children to accompany both morning and afternoon snacks. Formula milk is provided for all children under 1 year.


Menus are also on display in the nursery foyer and we can cater for any special dietary requirements whether these are for health or religious reasons.

Download our menus Summer Menu 1 Summer Menu 2 Summer Menu 3 Summer Snack Menu Winter Menu 1 Winter Menu 2 Winter Menu 3 Winter Snack Menu bird 4 Healthy-Under-5s-2015-small Little girl eating lunch at nursery food hygeine award