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From 1 July 2015 the Prevent Duty became law. This is a duty on all schools and registered Early Year’s providers to have due regard to preventing people being drawn into terrorism. In order to protect children in your care, you must be alert to any reason for concern in the child’s life at home or elsewhere. This includes awareness of the expression of extremist views.


British Values are a set of four values introduced to help keep children safe and promote their welfare – as is the duty of all providers following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS); specifically, to counter extremism.




•The Rule of Law


•Individual Liberty


•Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.


What we do


Democracy – We allow all children to make choices and be a part of the group by sharing views, thoughts and asking questions freely. Children are supported in understanding sharing and turn taking when speaking, and in games and activities. Children are encouraged to problem solve and work together to come to a solution. At Mini Explorers all children are equal regardless of gender, race, age or religion.


The Rule of Law – In the setting we support the children’s learning of right and wrong, helping them to understand that everyone’s actions have consequences not just their own. Our staff work closely with the children to decide on rules, what the children think will keep us safe and be able to enjoy our time at nursery. Children are supported to share their wants and needs, so if another child is doing something they do not like they are encouraged and supported to voice this.


Individual Liberty – The children are encouraged to explore the environment independently and be able to develop their self-esteem and self-knowledge by exploring a safe and secure environment. Children are encouraged to take risks and are positively supported to attempt and persist with new tasks.


Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith – We actively promote and develop children’s understanding of different faiths and beliefs by participating in a range of celebrations throughout the year. Children have the opportunity to try different foods from other cultures and we encourage parents and carers to participate and support our multi-cultural events. We often visit the local church and our local Priest. We allow the children the time to explore and ask questions about different cultures and beliefs. We have our ‘travelling ted’ bear who once a week goes home with a different child, and the children can then share about their home life with their peers.


We also have a book of the week on display that celebrates British values.

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